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There’s just so much inspiration that you can take from this location. With just a simple motion blur, I was able to capture all the style and class of spa that inspires.

“Sometimes the best thing to do is just call it a day and go get a massage.”


bringing it all together

where fine design, gem-like color, and exquisite archetecture


Postcard for direct mail.

Concept, photography, photo editing, layout and design.


Postcard for direct mail.

Concept, photography, photo editing, layout and design.


Postcard for direct mail.

Concept, photography, photo editing, layout and design.



Alchemy Spa is part of the new cultural revolution, with resulting bright and organic designs that took their references from images in health and wellness culture. Working with such clear ideas has made for glowing imagery and strong branding.

“Do more of what makes you happy.”



Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.



stand out

You don’t need to be an artist to realize the benefits of sketching. Ideas can flow much faster between a pen and paper than they can a mouse and monitor.

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Award received from the Ventura and Santa Barbara Advertising Associations.

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print & advertising


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Including online communications, MailChimp campaigns and print-based media. I design, photograph and conceive high profile corporate literature, advertisements and newsletters for print and online communications. I will take a project from concept to delivery within your deadlines. My abilities in quality graphic design can lead to an ideal partnership for all of your print and online communications.


Exhibitions remain one of the most valuable means of meeting new customers and staying in touch with existing clients. The power of personal communication in your exhibition space is conducive to doing good business. I understand the image and artwork requirements for large format outputs. Large format prints can be mounted on a variety of substrates for internal or external venues, or I can supply a range of modular systems to
suit the event.



I create meaningful and memorable identities for business and consumer brands. Does your company or product need a fresh new look without the cost of changing your logo? Then let me create a new house style that complements your existing logo. Your new look can then run through all media and completely overhaul your marketing tool kit, from packaging to website development, to literature, to exhibition graphics and vehicle wraps.



I started off with my Mac on a table in my living room. Many times on deadline with my 2 year old son standing next to me with his bottle. And my youngest son on my back in a backpack sleeping as I tried to finish a concept drawing. My illustration and fine art skills are of my favorite talents.

web design

Good website design is paramount if you want visitors to find you. It’s vital your website creates a good first impression by not only reflecting your company brand but by also carefully leading the visitor around the site with intuitive navigation, on-page functionality and great content that will help the entire user experience. Make your website the best salesman you’ve ever employed at a fraction of the cost! Great ideas start with great conversations.


I started out as an illustrator which eventually led me to becoming a multi-disciplinary designer working in graphic design, web design, branding, and icon design. During my 20+ year career, I loved creating beautiful and thoughtful designs and graphics that communicate a company’s needs and purpose.


What People are Saying

“Divinely gifted”

Jane is a Divinely gifted and dedicated Graphic Artist / Art Director. I would recomend her work to anyone."


“compassionate and fun graphic designer”

"I have know and worked with Jane for over 20 years. She is an extremely talented, compassionate and fun graphic designer and creative director. For every project we have ever worked on together her creativity turns the project into a "home run"!!!! I highly recommend Jane if you are looking to take your company and vision to the next level!! "


“Another successful experience”

"Jane is truly the most talented artist and photographer I have ever worked with. I hired her at several different companies to work with our team to help launch multiple brands. We worked together on many, many projects; ranging from new product introductions to major brand launches, advertising, literature, websites, trade shows and multimedia presentations. She can tackle any project with ease and create something that is always beyond exceptional.

She is patient, working with her clients, she listens carefully, communicates well and is always able to translate even complicated ideas into reality. Jane always meets her deadlines on time and within budget. She is dependable, and professional and a dream to work with. I give her my ultimate highest recommendation."


"truly gifted"

"I have worked with Jane for over 5 Years. She is beyond amazing. She is a truly gifted painter and artist, and master at graphic design, and web marketing. When I work with her  I have complete confidence that everything is going to look amazing on all levels, and be in the form that is most relevant to the current market. I also appreciate how she receives my input and vision so clearly. She listens to me and makes magic. She has designed Flyers, Album covers, online stores, and web sites for me. "


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I am closed

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